Based in Oslo and Copenhagen.


T: (+45) 606 46 441

Instagram: @gjerstadart






Galleri Berntsen & Kunsthuset FineArt – Oslo, Norway

Kulturhuset i Oslo – Oslo, Norway

Hurdalsjøen Skulpturpark – Hurdal, Norway

Sommerutstilling, Galleri Nylund Larsen – Risør, Norway



Galleri FineArt, Juvenarte 2018 – Oslo, Norway

Affordable Art Fair NY Fall 18, Contempop Gallery – New York, USA

Oslo Nowhere X Eger – Oslo, Norway

Hurdalsjøen Hotel – Hurdal, Norway



Contempop Gallery – New York, USA

K H Studio – Copenhagen, Denmark

Hurdalsjøen Hotel – Hurdal, Norway

Galleri Autonom, Juvenarte 2017 – Oslo, Norway




Henrik Gjerstad (b. 1996, Oslo) is a Norwegian artist based in Oslo and Copenhagen. Grown up with his father Pål Gjerstad and grandfather Ivar Gjerstad art studio in Oslo. Henrik moved to Copenhagen in 2015 where he started his education at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. In 2018 Henrik participated in an exchange program at Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, USA. He is very dedicated and eager so the production is high. He has experience with materials like oil paint, acrylic, spray, digital art and other effects. He is inspired by street art. For him producing art is a journey to a free place where anything and everything can happen. He is also known for his expressionistic art, which often incorporates text and lyrics. His goal is to continue to build his unique style of contemporary art and make modern art for the future.

According to the mixed media technique, most of the works combines acrylic, oil painting, inkjet and other mediums. Usually the background is created digitally and printed out on high quality canvas.  The colours, lines and motives are painted with acrylic or oil painting.



2020 – 2020 TU Delft – M.Arch – Delft/Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2019 – 2021  The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, M.Arch – Copenhagen, Denmark

2018 – 2018  Rhode Island School of Design – Art and Architecture, Providence, USA

2015 – 2018  The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, B.Arch – Copenhagen, Denmark




2012 – Present   Gjerstad Art

2019 – 2019   Jensen og Skodvin Architects, Oslo, Norway

2018 – 2019   OMA New York, Rem Koolhaas –  New York City, USA



2019 – Dreyers Fond

2018 – Dreyers Fond



2019 – Romerikes Blad, Hurdalsjøen Skulpturpark

2019 – Aust Agder Blad, Sommerutstilling Risør

2018 – NRK TV, Juvenarte 2018






Signed prints are available for selected artworks. Editions of 50. Giclée on 300 g paper. Contact for price and info. 



Send an email to check availability of original work and additional information. Available works are for sale and can be shipped worldwide. Artist accepts credit and debit cards using PayPal or personal check. Orders are shipped within 2 weeks of payment. Buyer is responsible for packaging, cost of shipping and insurance unless otherwise has been agreed upon.